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Online lessons - What setup do you need to take online piano lessons?

- A digital keyboard or acoustic piano
- A laptop computer or tablet (always make sure that your device is fully charged!)
- A pencil and a notebook
- A stable internet connection (if you are using wifi, try to be in the same room where the router is for a stronger signal)
- For advanced students, an external microphone helps the teacher hear the low volume details better. (Not required, but a microphone improves the listening quality for the teacher)

Digital piano requirements

- A full-range (88-key) digital piano with weighted keys. Weighted keys are most like an acoustic piano 'feel'
- Equipped with a pedal and music stand to hold piano books and sheet music
- The piano stand or table top should be at or about 28 from the floor
- When sittiing on a piano bench or chair, forearms should be level to keyboard while playing. You can use cushions to increase bench height.
A digital piano that does not meet these requirements will probably not work for online piano lessons. I will be happy to send you a list of digital pianos that will work for your circumstance.

Upon enrollment, I will send you Setup Instructional Videos to help you set up Zoom, the video-conferencing tool that we will be using, as well as a video for piano lesson setup for your equipment.

Adult Basic Piano Course,
Book 1
by D.B. Heimberger

Music Theory Basics
Level 1

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Int'l Honor Society

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